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Re: [Linphone-developers] Compiling Linphone Andriod & IOS on 14.04

From: uahmed
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Compiling Linphone Andriod & IOS on 14.04
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 19:01:16 +0500


Thanks Guillaume , yes i even restart the machine too , and now i overcome the previous error now it only gives me this linking error

my andriod ndk file is at this path , i did pwd to get this path


Where as in .bashrc i have this

export PATH=${PATH}:/home/gnome/adt-bundle-linux-x86-20130522/sdk/tools
export PATH=${PATH}:/home/gnome/adt-bundle-linux-x86-20130522/sdk/platform-tools
export PATH=${PATH}:/home/gnome/Downloads/android-ndk-r10d/

and when i run sudo make to build project i got this message

address@hidden:~/recursive$ sudo make
Could not find ndk-build. Please install android NDK.
Could not find android. Please install android SDK.
Makefile:73: *** commands commence before first target.  Stop.

Any suggestion ? I already test this even by restarting machine and terminal .



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