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[Linphone-developers] Can't connect to my sip server, trough Iphone clie

From: the.ozma.of.oz the.ozma.of.oz
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Can't connect to my sip server, trough Iphone client due to port trouble
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2015 00:40:16 +0300

Hello, i tried a bit more and checked my server logs, and i can see from there that the Ios Linphone is completely ignoring the "Proxy" field port (specified as ip:port ). What's more, it also ignores the port in the user id in the formats: (<sip:address@hidden:port> or address@hidden:port or <address@hidden:port>). Is there any possible way to set the port for my server, without reconfiguring the server or hardcoding the port value into the source code and then complning ? ( I do not have the mac at all and i do not have the dev account anyway, so i can't load custom apps to iphone). Please reply, because i reallly wanted to use this client on ios, but it seems impossible.


the.ozma.of.oz the.ozma.of.oz.

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