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[Linphone-developers] Linphone 3.8 STUN/ICE ignored on incomming call

From: Filip Malenka
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Linphone 3.8 STUN/ICE ignored on incomming call
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2015 23:07:18 +0200
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Hi all Linphone devs!

Thank you all for your hard work contributing to the Linphone apps. They
are awesome and I would like to contribute with pointing something out.

What I want to achieve: To have Linphone clients on
Windows/Ubuntu/Android all over, behind NATs, on mobile networks, etc.
and to be able to reach every client from everywhere in every direction
(Mobile -> NAT, NAT-> mobile, NAT-> another NAT, you can imagine..).

I found out, that by setting my custom asterisk 11 to directrtpsetup=yes
almost did the job. But there is a problem.

When placing an outbound call from android -> NATed ubuntu, I get no RTP
packets exchanged. The reason is, that Android on 3g network is trying
to send to "" my NATed network, which can't work. I was
expecting that the Linphone from behind NAT would somehow propagate it's
public IP through STUN/ICE to the android client first, but that's not
If STUN option is selected in Linphone network settings, I would assume
that every (inbound/outbound) call would be using it. Now only when
doing outoubound calls, the STUN is utilized. Inbound call doesn't care
about public IP. Thus the remote client sending RTP to wrong IP.

I can get it work by manually setting my current public IP in Linphone.
But this is not very "dynamic" workaround and I would need to set it
everytime I change network/wifi/location or when public IP changes
(occurs very often).. Not to say, that in android Linphone there is no
such option to set IP manually.

Is it possible to force doing a STUN request right before answering an
inbound call?
Maybe this isn't to be solved by Linphone client, but maybe an another
asterisk setting. But I didn't figure it out yet.
By setting asterisks
nat=force_rport,comedia and
nothing changed.


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