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[Linphone-developers] Using an IP camera for video

From: Gary Metalle
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Using an IP camera for video
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 08:29:56 +0100



Quite a few years ago someone asked a question as to how they might be able to use an IP (Ethernet) camera for video with Linphone. No one seemed to come up with an answer at the time and there have no doubt been lots of new feature additions to Linphone since 2007.


The mediastreamer2 API looks very promising and almost certainly would do the job but looks very complicated and the only docs are from the source code. Has anyone got any useful pointers as how I might be able to use an IP cam for video as I can’t see any current way of doing this because Linphone assumes the camera will be a v4l2 device such as /dev/video0?


Ideally being able to hack someone out as a proof of concept would mean I can at least know it can be done. Like most if not all IP cameras, mine will be encoding the stream (H.264) and exposes the video on an RTP/RTSP port such as rtsp://admin:address@hidden I will probably be using liblinphone with my own application so that I can make SIP audio/video calls but it feels like the idea would also be useful for the Linphone app itself.




Gary Metalle

Embedded Software Engineer




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