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[Linphone-developers] can't build foir iOS, x86_64 error

From: Anton Pomozov
Subject: [Linphone-developers] can't build foir iOS, x86_64 error
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 00:34:22 +0300

With last git submodules recursive update: 
$ git pull origin master --recurse-submodules && git submodule update 
--recursive —init
From git://
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
Fetching submodule Classes/KIF
Fetching submodule submodules/bcg729
Fetching submodule submodules/belle-sip
Fetching submodule submodules/bzrtp
Fetching submodule submodules/cunit
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/antlr3
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/ffmpeg
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/gsm
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/libvpx
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/libxml2
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/opencore-amr
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/openh264
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/opus
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/polarssl
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/speex
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/srtp
Fetching submodule submodules/externals/x264
Fetching submodule submodules/libilbc-rfc3951
Fetching submodule submodules/linphone
Fetching submodule submodules/linphone/mediastreamer2
Fetching submodule submodules/linphone/oRTP
Fetching submodule submodules/msamr
Fetching submodule submodules/msilbc
Fetching submodule submodules/msopenh264
Fetching submodule submodules/mssilk
Fetching submodule submodules/mswebrtc
Fetching submodule submodules/mswebrtc/webrtc
Fetching submodule submodules/msx264
Already up-to-date.
$ make -j2 enable_ffmpeg=yes all V=1
checking whether the xcrun  clang++ -Qunused-arguments 
-Wno-unused-command-line-argument-hard-error-in-future  -arch x86_64  -isysroot 
 -mios-simulator-version-min=5.0 -DTARGET_OS_IPHONE=1 -D__IOS -fms-extensions 
-Dsha256=polarssl_sha256 linker (xcrun ld -arch x86_64) supports shared 
libraries... yes
checking dynamic linker characteristics... darwin.ios dyld
checking how to hardcode library paths into programs... immediate
checking antlr3.h usability... no
checking antlr3.h presence... yes
configure: WARNING: antlr3.h: present but cannot be compiled
configure: WARNING: antlr3.h:     check for missing prerequisite headers?
configure: WARNING: antlr3.h: see the Autoconf documentation
configure: WARNING: antlr3.h:     section "Present But Cannot Be Compiled"
configure: WARNING: antlr3.h: proceeding with the compiler's result
configure: WARNING:     ## ----------------------------------------- ##
configure: WARNING:     ## Report this to address@hidden ##
configure: WARNING:     ## ----------------------------------------- ##
checking for antlr3.h... no
checking whether antlr3StringStreamNew is declared... no
configure: WARNING: res_getservers not usable
checking whether res_ndestroy is declared... no
configure: error: Could not find antlr3 development files. Please install 
antlr3 version > 3.2 (libantlr3c-dev on debian/ubuntu systems)
make[1]: *** 
 Error 1
make: *** [broadcast_all] Error 1

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