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[Linphone-developers] Video display problem on Freescale iMX6 platform

From: 宋智峰
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Video display problem on Freescale iMX6 platform
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2015 17:34:51 +0800

We are using Linphone 3.7.0 on iMX6 Yacto platform (embedded linux). The USB camera can works well: while running "linphonec -C" on the board, the peer can see the video capture of Linphone when call to it. However when running "linphone -V" with self-view enabled, nothing can be seen from the screen. The log likely indicates this error: "ortp-error-Could not find suitable format or Xv port to work with.", as below:
ortp-message-Neither Expires header nor corresponding Contact header found, checking from original
ortp-message-Refresher [0xc9eb8] takes ownership of transaction [0xca650]                         
ortp-message-Proxy config [0xa0168] for identity [sip:address@hidden moving from state [Linphone
ortp-message-Setting video size 352x288                                                           
ortp-message-Driver is uvcvideo                                                                   
ortp-message-v4l2: trying 352x288                                                                 
ortp-message-v4lv2: YUV420P chosen                                                                
ortp-message-Size of webcam delivered pictures is 352x288                                         
ortp-message-ms_filter_link: MSV4L2Capture:0xc9fd0,0-->MSPixConv:0x9cae0,0                        
ortp-message-ms_filter_link: MSPixConv:0x9cae0,0-->MSX11Video:0xca060,0                           
ortp-message-Video MSTicker priority left to normal.                                              
ortp-message-msv4l2_thread starting                                                               
ortp-message-x11video_prepare(): Window has size 352x288, received video is 352x288               
ortp-message-V4L2 video capture started.                                                          
ortp-error-Could not find suitable format or Xv port to work with.  
I googled the net, and find a similar problem reported:
but didn't see the solution.
Anyone in the community can help?
Thanks in advance,
Frank Song   

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