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[Linphone-developers] set native windows linphone 3.3.2

From: Alejandro Vázquez
Subject: [Linphone-developers] set native windows linphone 3.3.2
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2015 21:46:32 +0100

Hello friends!
I want to adapt the version of Linphone 3.3.2 to display the video in a window already created.
The version 3.3.2 does not have this feature (version 3.4 yes).
Looking at the code I see that there is a function that does this exactly (drawdib-display.c set_native_window_id) but I tried using it but not working.
Could someone tell me where in the code could do this modification, the code is very large and I'm a little lost?
Thank you very much.

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