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Re: [Linphone-developers] ZRTP handling in liblinphone

From: Johan Pascal
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] ZRTP handling in liblinphone
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2015 12:42:17 +0100
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Hi Marvin,
ZRTP SAS is called authentication_token in liblinphone API. You can have a look to functions :
- linphone_call_get_authentication_token
- linphone_call_get_authentication_token_verified
- linphone_call_set_authentication_token_verified

to manage get/manage SAS from your application.



On 08/02/15 14:05, Quintus wrote:
Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use liblinphone to build a hardware SIP telephone using a
Raspberry Pi. So far, I have had good success with that except for one
irritating bug (liblinphone permanently uses 100% CPU in its own thread
when you “close(STDOUT_FILENO);”, would be nice if you could fix that).

However, now I wanted to add ZRTP support for proper call encryption,
but it seems the liblinphone API documentation[1] does not mention much
on that topic. It appears one can enable encryption using the
linphone_call_params_set_media_encryption() function[2] with a parameter
of “LinphoneMediaEncryptionZRTP”. However, that’s all the documentation
says. ZRTP however requires the two phoning parties on their initial
call to verbally communicate a nonce[3], the “Short Authentication
String” (SAS). I can’t see any method in the API to find that one out so
I can display or otherwise communicate it to the user. Could you please
give me a hint on how I can retrieve it?

Also on a side note, the documentation for oRTP you link to from the
website[4] is from 2007. That should probably be updated.

liblinphone is great. I had much fun writing a SIP daemon for the
raspberry pi, and the (usually) well documented API makes it nice to
use. Thank you for your hard work!



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