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[Linphone-developers] Recieving IP multicast session using Android-Linph

From: Rod Horsley
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Recieving IP multicast session using Android-Linphone
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 16:04:33 +0000


My company has created a SIP user agent for our new android product using ‘liblinphone for android’ and for the most part everything is working well…


We have run into a couple of snags that are causing us some problems…


1)      If we disable audio in a SIP call being received by our liblinphone user agent, it rejects the call  with either a 488 or 486 SIP error code. Is there any way to change this behavior? (Note: This particular type of call is a video preview call and audio is intended to be off until the callee accepts the call).


2)      If we send a broadcast message to several devices using a multicast IP address/port (i.e. the liblinphone user agent accepts the call correctly but doesn’t setup the RTP for audio and video correctly (i.e. it does not seem to be listening to the multicast address/port specified in the SDP packet). Is there any way to change this behavior?


I have been searching every source I can find, but haven’t found any information that has helped me get around these problems…


Our liblinphone user agent devices work in a network with other devices that DO NOT use liblinphone (they are older products using custom built User Agents, SIP Stacks and RTP Managers)…


Any information you can add to this conversation would be greatly appreciated…



Thanks, Rod



Rod Horsley | Software Engineer


Control4 | Utah • California • United Kingdom

p. 801.619.4255  
f. 801.523.3199

e. address@hidden




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