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[Linphone-developers] Bug report for Linphone on Windows Phone

From: linphone
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Bug report for Linphone on Windows Phone
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 23:58:32 +0100
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Dear developers,

Here are a few bugs I have seen when using Linphone on Windows Phone 8.1 ("Cyan"), Nokia Lumia 520:

I. Address book phone numbers in international format not taken over correctly.

Reproduction steps:
1. In the open app, press "Contacts"
2. Press on a contact whose (home) number is stored in the international format, beginning with the plus sign (e.g. +49... for Germany)
3. Press the icon for calling

Expected results:
1. The phone contacts are shown
2. Contact number is shown by Linphone, with icon buttons for calling and texting, and a "Home" string. The number is shown correctly with the leading plus sign. 3. The "Dialer" of Linphone is shown, with the number taken over to the input field entirely.

Actual results:
3. The number in the input field misses the leading plus sign (i.e. 49... is shown instead of +49...). Calling that number by pressing the "call" icon fails. Only after the missing plus sign is prepended manually does the calling work. (The called number then appears as address@hidden - i.e. as a SIP address without the leading plus sign.)

II. Calling a number with disabled internet connection results with the app freezing

Reproduction steps:
1. Start Linphone without any internet connection (i.e. both, mobile data and Wi-Fi disabled on the phone)
2. Enter any number into the dialer text field and press the "Call" icon

Expected results:
1. Linphone starts up and shows "Disconnected" at the top.
2. The app stays responsive, possibly with some sort of failure notification

Actual results:
2. App changes to its calling window (i.e. the one with the "hang up", "speaker", etc. icons) and freezes. Neither pressing "hang up", nor even the phone's own "back" arrow un-freezes it. The app then needs to be forcefully closed (by a long-press on the phone's "back" arrow to view all open apps and closing it there). Note: It seems that there is a slight difference between entering the number using the default "Dialer" number pad and doing it with the phone keyboard (which opens when one places the cursor into the number field, e.g. to make some corrections in the middle of the number). When the number is entered with the phone keyboard, the app seems to freeze every time on the subsequent "Call" press. While when the number is entered using the "Dialer" number pad, the app sometimes freezes, and sometimes stays responsive by not changing to the calling window and staying in the "Dialer" window instead. In the latter case it can be brought to a freeze by pressing "Call" 1 - 2 times more.

III. The "Instructions" link on the "About" page in the app ( seems to be out-of-date - it produces the 404 "page not found" response.



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