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[Linphone-developers] TLS not work on 4G

From: LukeWang
Subject: [Linphone-developers] TLS not work on 4G
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 15:34:07 +0800

    I use linphone android 3.7.2, registered successfully to cisco VCS .When I dialed into
a conference ("Codian MSE 8510" SIP:address@hidden) ,if I use WIFI connection everything is ok, but when I change
to 4G LTE ,the conferenece will disconnection after about 30 seconds.
I checked call log,the difference between wifi call and 4g call is .

Error occured when SSL handshake ,
Channel [0x7a900008]: SSL handshake failed : SSL - An invalid SSL record was received.
Cannot connect to [TLS://HIDDENADDRESS:5061]
channel 0x7c38e008: state ERROR
So after about 30s,a BYE recieved from  the conference "Codian MSE 8510"(SIP:address@hidden).
Reason: SIP ;text="Timed out expecting ACK"

but in a WIFI network,SSL handshake is OK.
Channel [0x76c1d008]: SSL handshake in progress...
Channel [0x76c1d008]: SSL handshake finished.
channel [0x76c1d008]: message sent to [TLS://HIDDENADDRESS:5061], size: [594] bytes

So,why SSL handshake  failed in 4G network?
I use polycom RealPresence android app for testing,it will work either wifi or 4G.

Sorry for my bad English ,Hope you can understand my question, Thanks.


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