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[Linphone-developers] Issue running Linphone in MOTO G devices.

From: vikas goel
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Issue running Linphone in MOTO G devices.
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2014 16:30:33 +0530


we are facing issue in running  linphone in MOTO G android devices,  all the MOTOROLA devices given  SIGSEGV at the time of 200K received from the 
the other side,  it seems motorola devices does not like to give control to linphone. 

here is the logs attached just before the error.

12-04 14:59:51.287: I/linphone(17762): configuring resampler output to rate=[44100], nchannels=[1]
12-04 14:59:51.287: I/linphone(17762): ms_filter_link: MSFilePlayer:0x55e80c60,0-->MSDtmfGen:0x54b1d238,0
12-04 14:59:51.287: I/linphone(17762): ms_filter_link: MSDtmfGen:0x54b1d238,0-->MSResample:0x55de9218,0
12-04 14:59:51.287: I/linphone(17762): ms_filter_link: MSResample:0x55de9218,0-->MSAndroidSndWrite:0x54b1c678,0
12-04 14:59:51.288: W/linphone(17762): Could not set voip=on: err=-38.
12-04 14:59:51.288: I/linphone(17762): AudioTrack: min frame count is 5644
12-04 14:59:51.290: I/linphone(17762): Priority used: 99
12-04 14:59:51.290: I/linphone(17762): Ring MSTicker priority increased to maximum.
12-04 14:59:51.290: I/linphone(17762): incStrong(0x5524c990)
12-04 14:59:51.290: A/libc(17762): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0x40bbf974 (code=2), thread 17894 (Linphone schedu)
12-04 14:59:51.367: D/linphone(17762): Proximity sensor report [100.0] , for max range [100.0]

-Vikas Goel

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