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Re: [Linphone-developers] Arabic translation finished for iOS

From: محيي الدين
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Arabic translation finished for iOS
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 20:23:31 +0000
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Thank you Guillaume for your feedback :)
check your email for the document!

By the way, I suggest that you add to the contact page of a contact email or a form upload for the future developers!

thanks for giving us your precious time :)))

I'm waiting for you to add my Arabic text of linphone windows/linux to the corresponding Transifex page, and I asked for adding the Arabic language to the set!

please modify your contribute section of by providing your links to Transifex :)

I suggest also to add website strings to Transifex too!

Please consider my suggestions so that this mailing list will focus more on development issues.

thank you guys :)

على 24 نوف, 2014 ص 08:28, كتب Gautier Pelloux-Prayer:

I finally took the time to setup the Transifex account, please find it on:


If you have any question about localisation please put them on Transifex, it might help other translators as well. Let me know if you can easily add your Android translation on Transifex, we will integrate the desktop version directly.


Gautier Pelloux-Prayer

Software Engineer @ Belledonne Communications

على 24 نوف, 2014 ص 08:16, كتب BIENKOWSKI Guillaume:

This is an awesome work that you did! I will try to integrate your
translation as soon as I can.
For your information, Gauthier is in the process of extracting the
translatable assets of iOS and Android to put them up on transifex.

In the meantime, could you just take some time to fill the contributor
agreement of Belledonne Communications (all the devs of Linphone are
employees) and send it back to me?

This is just to make sure that we can integrate your changes and use them
when we provide paid licenses and support to our clients. I invite you to
read it, it is not very long.

Best regards, and thanks again,

*Guillaume BIENKOWSKI*


*sip:address@hidden <address@hidden>*


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