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[Linphone-developers] OSX - problem with USB headset + patch

From: Samorukov,Alexey
Subject: [Linphone-developers] OSX - problem with USB headset + patch
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 21:19:43 +0100


I am using Linphone on OSX and found that if i am choosing USB headset or 
speakerphone microphone does not work. There are few reports in the net already 
about this topic: ([1], [2]), but no solution.

So i decided to compile Linphone myself and fix this issue. After all i found 
the root cause: on OSX with USB headset devname for the capture and playback 
USB devices are the same, and in the linphone this string is used to identify 
device (e.g. in config) and everything is messing up. Patch with workaround for 
the mediastreamer2 is provided in attach. For me it is fixing the issue.

P.S. I am also planning to fix missing “Default input/output” devices on the 
OSX to avoid per-application setting in linphone. 


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