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[Linphone-developers] make a video call in linphone-web

From: Tony Hsu
Subject: [Linphone-developers] make a video call in linphone-web
Date: Wed, 28 May 2014 16:03:17 +0800



Im using the following code to make a video call, but the video source doesnt show up in my div with id video. What should I do?




- Before setting up the call:
core.videoPolicy.automaticallyAccept = true;            
core.videoDevice = $("#cam option:selected").text(); // selected combo box with available video devices
core.videoCaptureEnabled = true;
core.captureDevice = $("#mic option:selected").text(); // selected combo box with available audio capture devices

- After the call is established (
state == 7):
// add the linphone video object to my #video div. This will call loadVideo when loaded
$("#video").append("<object id='remoteVideo' type='application/x-linphone-web-video'><param name='onload' value='loadVideo' /><param name='magic' value='1' /></object>");

- The 
loadVideo() function:
function loadVideo() {
    var v = document.getElementById('remoteVideo');
    var core = getCore();
    core.nativeVideoWindowId = v.window;                
    core.nativePreviewWindowId = v.window;
    core.selfViewEnabled = true; // change this to true if needed
    core.videoDisplayEnabled = true;    





Tony Hsu


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