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[Linphone-developers] I'm not getting calls

From: Saran S
Subject: [Linphone-developers] I'm not getting calls
Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 15:58:16 +0530

Hi Developers,

I am new to the Linphone but understood android part of LinPhone App.

I have created the same app wrapper over the application to customise the existing app of LinPhone as per my requirement.

I have created two users and when i try to make call from one to the other user, it is not making the call, whereas at the receiver side it is picking up some info about which i could see in logcat.

LOGCAT ERROR at the Receiver side:

05-24 12:49:38.915: E/Linphone(4253): header_to parser error for [To:<sip:#address@hidden:23415>]

05-24 12:49:38.975: E/Linphone(4253): Missing mandatory header [To] for message [INVITE]

05-24 12:49:39.545: E/Linphone(4253): header_to parser error for [To:(null)]

05-24 12:49:39.565: E/Linphone(4253): Missing mandatory header [To] for message [ACK]

LOGCAT  at the sender side:

05-24 12:47:12.465: I/Linphone(4253): Stun lookup in progress...

05-24 12:47:12.795: I/Linphone(4253): new state [OutgoingInit]

05-24 12:47:12.905: I/Linphone(4253): Contacting sip:address@hidden

05-24 12:47:12.905: I/Linphone(4253): new state [OutgoingProgress]


 I hope that call has been made from sender side but at the receiver side the sip ID which it receives has some IP address along with the user.(Is that the reason which it is not accepting, which is my guess)  

IS that necessary to have domain name followed by the username @...

And whats the uses of Stun Server.

Can you guide me Please to resolve this issue.

Appreciate your kind help.

 Thanks & Regards

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