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[Linphone-developers] Patch to support different alsa configurations

From: ingo . krabbe
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Patch to support different alsa configurations
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 11:36:05 +0200

Inline: /n/ask/home/ingo/Software/linphone/patch

Hey Linphoners,

today I tried to setup my laptop with linphone. I use two soundcards in my 
laptop, one for radio/music listening is a HighDefinition USB Card plugged into 
a hifi amplifier and should be used for ring tones only, as I want to notice 
when a call comes in, the other one I want to use for playback through 

Once you got familiar with alsa you should switch off any sound daemons, imho, 
as its much harder to customize sound daemon configuration, but configuring 
alsa. So did I, years ago actually.

Of course I don't want linphone to block control of my sound devices as other 
software I might want to run as my favourite game, a browser or a music player 
might want to play audio through the cards too. So I cannot use the device 
detection algorithm, that finds cards only, but I need to specify two custom 
alsa devices, that are configured as dmix slaves.

But the alsadev configuration string is interpreted as one string and repeated 
configuration strings aren't handled. So with the current source code I can 
only setup one custom alsa device.

The patch attached modifies the configuration algorithm to read alsadev as a , 
separated list of custom alsa devices.

If you extend the delimiters to several characters (",;:" for example) you 
should write some extra code to strip delimiters from the string. I can do that 
if you request that, but the code works for me, so I'll leave it as it is for 

cheers ingo

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