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[Linphone-developers] LinPhone SIP Port - How to Change Default 5060 Val

From: Amir Sepehrom
Subject: [Linphone-developers] LinPhone SIP Port - How to Change Default 5060 Value ?
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2014 12:48:02 +0330


It's been a few days since I started developing on Linphone-iPhone ( Linphone for iOS ) Project.
And I'm wondering how can I change SIP port to something other than default value which by the way I believe is 5060.

I've tried a couple of things. I've searched and changed all static 5060 values in the Xcode Project ( for example the value of port_preference in the InAppSetting.bundle and a few more in code such as "tr.udp_port=5060;" ) But it didn't work out !

I also changed the value in the "linphonec" text file which is placed in /submodule/linphone/console/example and copied it to the ~/.linphonec as was described in the text file itself. I also tried modifying ".linphonerc" file ( as was mentioned in "Tuning Linphone" page on ) but neither of them worked for me. 

I read the documentation and I noticed that there's a method in the Core API for this purpose named "linphone_address_set_port". I dunno how and where should I call it but as it is being called with the default value somewhere, I changed the implementation, and passed my desired value statically instead of the dynamic value given to the function by an integer argument named "port". However, it's not working too !

I have used "grep" to find static values of "5060" in the project, which surprisingly I found many that have been used as the required value for SIP port, and I'm wondering to know if I'm supposed to change all the values deeply low-level anywhere it is used, or if there's a dynamic way to do this.

I would be grateful it if anybody can kindly take his time and provide a solution soon because it's an urgent case for me.
Thank you in advanced

Best Regards

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