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Re: [Linphone-developers] Windows mingw build of current git

From: Margaux Clerc
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Windows mingw build of current git
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 10:54:50 +0100

Hi Quinn,

For compiling libantlr3c with mingw, you must edit /usr/local/include/antl3defs.h by replacing #include <windsock.h> by #include <winsock2.h>.
This is explained in the README in belle-sip 


Margaux CLERC

2013/12/27 Quinn Storm <address@hidden>

I've been working on extending linphone for a project we are working on, and have gotten to thepoint of needing to do a windows build.  Unfortunately i am having a little trouble.

libantlr3c does not by default build a dll
Attempting to hack its build script to do so has caused it to fail to link needing winsock symbols.
Attempting to build belle-sip static works, but then linphone won't get through the mediastreamer build as it has to be told to build statictoo, mediastreamer bailing on missing libstdc++ symbols.
Attempting to build belle-sip dynamic fails because of no libantlr3c dll.

I can get you specific errors but I think this is fairly clear.  The errors where it is demanding a missing dll are very clear, libtool complaining it can only find the static version and spewing missing symbols; the error in mediastreamer has no complaint but the build for it clearly isn't correct for building static, as it fails to link properly against libstdc++ and possibly other libs (symbols like new are missing).  The issue building libantlr3c dynamic is equally clear, the missing symbol list being very specifically all socket symbols.  The configure/libtool alterations to build dynamic turn off allow-undefined, which is likely why this happens.

Any suggestions?  At this point i'm happy to go with whatever recent version of things builds properly too, this has held me up for two weeks scratchig y head and hacking at build scripts.  My modifications are only in the linphone core, so even a prebuilt antlr/belle-sip would allow me to continue.  My target is win32 for this build, and on linux i've been using the debian source package.


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