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[Linphone-developers] Question on linphone licensing

From: Simon Fang
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Question on linphone licensing
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2013 04:39:39 -0500

Hi experts,

I'm confused about linphone licensing.

According to the linphone website, Linphone, liblinphone, mediastreamer2 are provided under the GNU GPL v2 license.
But the sip stack belle-sip code is using GPL v3, which is the default sip stack of linphone 3.6 now. So it makes me confused, why linphone is GPL v2.

If a library is released under the GPL (not the LGPL), does that mean that any software which uses it has to be under the GPL or a GPL-compatible license? (#IfLibraryIsGPL)

Yes, because the software as it is actually run includes the library.

It looks if use belle-sip, linphone should be GPL v3.

Who can help give a clarify?



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