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[Linphone-developers] ImageMagick doesn't install following the README f

From: Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho
Subject: [Linphone-developers] ImageMagick doesn't install following the README file.
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 16:19:30 -0200
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I'm following the README file to compile the linphone and liblinphone.
The first command from README is a "sudo port install ..." that fails for installing ImageMagick.

ImageMagick depends on Djvulibre. Djvulibre cann't be installed or compiled, because it depends on running the command inkscape.

In my machine, every configuration is OK: PATH is OK according to the README file. And my machine has the Inkscape software well installed.

However, when running the first "sudo port install ..." command I always get the error:

":info:build /bin/sh: @INKSCAPE@: command not found"

How to fix this error??

I have already tested the inkscape command in the prompt and it run well. And I have already installed Macport and Xcode well too.

Any hint will be very helpful!
Thanks alot.
Rodrigo Pimenta Carvalho.

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