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[Linphone-developers] Get Linphone Running in Eclipse

From: Ankit Singh
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Get Linphone Running in Eclipse
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 16:14:24 +0530

I have the Android SDK and NDK set up on my Mac.
Now when i copy the repo via Terminal command
 "git clone git:// --recursive"

then ran $ make (It said build Successfull)
and Then now when i import this project (folder named "linphone-adroid") into my Eclipse it shows me alot's of projects i am confused which one should i use and if i choose all of them then it gives me lot's of errors in other's 
AudioDeviceAndroidTest ( "x" Symbol)
liblinphoneTester ( "!" Symbol)
liblinphone-android --> Ran this on Device runs fine but when i call the numbers it chages its view and shows duration 0:00 and does not calls the numbers then i have to press hang off button to dismiss the call. (Not able to call)
liblinphone-android-test ( "!" Symbol)
MediaStream ( "x" Symbol)
VideoCaptureModule ( "!" Symbol)
ViEAutotest ("!" Symbol)
WebRTCDemo ( "x" Symbol)

What should i do?

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