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[Linphone-developers] Runtime Error on linphone-android version

From: R R
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Runtime Error on linphone-android version
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 10:18:03 -0700
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I finally got the android version to build.  At first, I was getting an error in 
'rootca cannot be resolved or is not a field'
I changed the code from
copyIfNotExist(R.raw.rootca, new File(mLinphoneRootCaFile).getName());
copyIfNotExist(R.raw.linphonerc, new File(mLinphoneRootCaFile).getName()); ---not sure if this is correct thing to do

It builds now, however I get the following runtime error and the app crashes:

Could not find class 'org.linphone.LinphoneActivity', referenced from method org.linphone.LinphoneLauncherActivity.onServiceReady

The LinphoneActivity is in my source tree, so not sure what is going on here.

Also, I have a lot of field OnlineStatus deprecated warnings.

Any ideas?

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