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Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone Compile error for android

From: Ghislain Mary
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Linphone Compile error for android
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 10:29:13 +0200


As the error message says, check the config.err file to see what happens. I have already seen this error in two different cases:
 - the installed NDK is not the one for the build host (eg. the NDK for linux used on Mac OS X)
 - the path to the NDK in the $PATH environment variable is a symbolic link and not a real directory.

Hope it helps.

On 12 September 2013 09:26, Gagan sethi <address@hidden> wrote:
/home/manpreet/Android/sdk/tools/android update project --path . --target android-18
build.xml: Found version-tag: custom. File will not be updated.
Updated file ./proguard-project.txt
It seems that there are sub-projects. If you want to update them
please use the --subprojects parameter.
/home/manpreet/Android/sdk/tools/android update project --path liblinphone_tester --target android-18
Updated file liblinphone_tester/proguard-project.txt
cd /home/manpreet/linphone-android/submodules/externals/libvpx && \
./configure --target=armv7-android-gcc --sdk-path=/home/manpreet/Android/android-ndk-r9 --enable-error-concealment && \
make asm_com_offsets.asm \
|| ( echo "VP8 prepare stage failed." ; exit 1 )
Configuring selected codecs
  enabling vp8_encoder
  enabling vp8_decoder
Configuring for target 'armv7-android-gcc'
  enabling armv7
  enabling neon
  enabling media
  enabling edsp
  enabling fast_unaligned
  enabling realtime_only
  enabling runtime_cpu_detect
Requested CPU 'cortex-a8' not supported by compiler

Configuration failed. This could reflect a misconfiguration of your
toolchains, improper options selected, or another problem. If you
don't see any useful error messages above, the next step is to look
at the configure error log file (config.err) to determine what
configure was trying to do when it died.
VP8 prepare stage failed.
make: *** [/home/manpreet/linphone-android/submodules/externals/libvpx/vp8/common/asm_com_offsets.c.S] Error 1

Gaganjot Singh
B.Tech - Electronics & Communication
Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology / GGSIPU

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