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[Linphone-developers] H264 decoding in linphone-android.apk built on 201

From: address@hidden
Subject: [Linphone-developers] H264 decoding in linphone-android.apk built on 2012-12-06 failed with one-way H264 video calls
Date: Mon, 27 May 2013 02:37:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hi guys,

My company has windows-based SIP client software with h264 audio/video encoding/decoding enabled, and also has a private SIP server which runs on MIPS arch. Our SIP client uses x264(x264-snapshot-20110807-2245)) for h264(base profile) encoding and ffmpeg(0.8.1) for decoding.

The SIP client could communicate with your linphone-android which was launched on 2012-07-11(or before), with 2-way h264 audio/video streaming. But for the version 2012-12-06 or later, the SIP client could not decode h264 video streaming -- ending up with a black screen (i.e. video communication was one-way), only audio worked in 2-way. We tested some Android phones which were running Android v2.3/v4.0: both of them could not make the SIP client show the video streaming with your latest linphone-android.apk, or the APK generated from the latest sources (compiled on CentOS 6). 

However two phones running version 2012-07-11 and 2012-12-06 respectively could communicated  with each other, 2-way video calls were OK.

We just wonder what happened to the sources after 2012-07-11? Any significent modification on h264 encoding or RTP packets? Couldn't find out any APKs between 2012-07-11-04 and 2012-12-06-23 on the site URL:

Some settings for linphone-android we used: 

Enable video: enabled
Stun server: none

Audio Echo cancellation: enabled
Audio codecs: pcmu and pcma enabled only

Initiate video calls: enabled
Share my camera: enabled
Accept incoming camera: enabled
Video codecs:  H264 enabled only

use UDP  
"Use standard ports" enabled
ipv6 disabled

Media encryption:


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