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[Linphone-developers] [help] Linphone using proxy in a VPN without regis

From: buch
Subject: [Linphone-developers] [help] Linphone using proxy in a VPN without registration
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 14:27:13 +0200
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I didn't found another way contacting people with a bigger background knowledge about linphone. I hope the mailing list is fine for this purpose. I am trying to get linphone to work with a speech application which I can only connect to via a VPN network. Thus I have 2 CIDR addresses. A private IP and the VPN IP. When I configure linphone to connect to the speech application I have following setup:
[image url:]
If I choose my ip address in the vpn subnet instead of localhost, the call also fails (exact symptoms below).

The call does not time out or something. I can call and the speechapp will answer the call but don't play the prompt. If I hang up, it also acts normal. Just that there is no prompt being played. I used tcpdump on the speech application machine ('# tcpdump -i any udp port 5060 -nnv') and compared it with the output of X-Liste v5 which is able to connect to the speech application (with prompt, as you would expect it).
You can find the two logs enclosed.
From SIP segment perspective everything is working fine (invite, ringing, ok, ack, bye, ok) but the VIA attribute of the SIP segment is using my local IP address instead of the VPN IP address, which X-Liste uses.

Can this be the issue why no prompt is being played? And if this might be the issue: Can you tell me how I can configure this in linphone? Or at least confirm me, that this kind of configuration is not possible?
I really need to connect via the VPN. This is sadly not optional.

I would be really glad hearing from you.
Thanks in advance


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[1] Linphone call tcpdump:
[2] X-Lite v5 call tcpdump:

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