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Re: [Linphone-developers] Video view shows black window using Intel 945G

From: ichrispa
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Video view shows black window using Intel 945GM [solved]
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 00:10:11 +0200

Hello again,

the problem is related to ortp needing OpenGL2.0 (as the error message said). In particular, the MSGLXVideo Filter requires OpenGL2.0 and cannot cope with the Intel 945GM only providing OpenGL1.4. As a workaround, Mesa can be forced to use software emulation of OpenGL 2.1 by running linphone with the following environment variable:




Both are not really statisfactory as I do not see why diplaying a video image should mandate OpenGL2.0 features... so it would be really nice if ortp could downgrade its requirements in that regard.

Other than that: Thanks for providing linphone, which I consider the best SIP Clients around :)

Kind regards,




Sun Apr 21 2013 22:21:12 CEST from "ichrispa" <address@hidden> Subject: [Linphone-developers] Video view shows black window using Intel 945GM

Hello Linphone mailing list,

I have downloaded and compiled the latest GIT version of linphone on OpenSUSE 12.3 in order to enable Video support using H264 and v4l2. The codecs and video camera are correctly recognized, but both in self view as well as in transmissions only a black window is shown. The logs suggest that the video input is both received and parsed correctly, but displaying images fails (See Log excerpt beneath signature).

The webcam uses the uvcvideo driver and works under other applications The system uses an Intel 945GM Graphics Adapter (OpenGL 1.4). I suspect that there is either a problem with the video overlay or the missing OpenGL 2.0 support. When running linphonec -V I get the following error:

ortp-error-no such method on filter MSGLXVideo, fid=16387 method index=1
ortp-error-Need OpenGL 2.0+

Any help is highly appreciated,



Excerpt from linphone --verbose (full log available on request):

linphone-message : Initializing LinphoneCore 3.5.2-1139-g600115e
linphone-message : oRTP-0.21.1 initialized.


linphone-message : Webcam V4L2: /dev/video0 added


linphone-message : Setting video size 320x240
linphone-message : Driver is uvcvideo
linphone-message : v4l2: trying 320x240


linphone-message : v4lv2: YUV420P chosen
linphone-message : Size of webcam delivered pictures is 320x240
linphone-error : no such method on filter MSGLXVideo, fid=16387 method index=1
linphone-message : ms_filter_link: MSV4L2Capture:0x8951248,0-->MSPixConv:0x8954be8,0
linphone-message : ms_filter_link: MSPixConv:0x8954be8,0-->MSGLXVideo:0x8954cd0,0
linphone-message : Video MSTicker priority left to normal.
linphone-message : msv4l2_thread starting
linphone-message : V4L2 video capture started.


linphone-message : Captured mean fps=4.689338, expected=29.969999

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