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Re: [Linphone-developers] g729 in windows

From: Henrik Pauli
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] g729 in windows
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 17:06:01 +0100
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2013.03.21. 10:50 keltezéssel, Guillaume Beraudo írta:

Could you precisely describe which steps you have followed?

I'll try, but brace yourself, it's a bit complicated.

== Directory structure ==

I have a few directories involved in the build, which is done with whatever MinGW and MSYS was available at the time I created my build system. It's a bit messy, legacy reasons :D

GCC is 4.6.2

C:\dev\MinGW                   -- MinGW
C:\dev\MinGW\msys              -- MSYS
C:\dev\MinGW\msys\1.0\opt\perl -- ActivePerl 5.12.4, also `which perl`
C:\dev\alles                   -- Various dependencies, incl. GTK+

C:\git\   -- Git checkouts of Linphone stuff.

I run MSYS's bash to build, otherwise make will just die somewhere early.

I have to use Linux to automake things though: releases have ./configure et al, but the git checkouts obviously don't contain those dynamically created files. On Windows, autoreconf, autoconf, whatever, those horrible things, they don't run. So I create these bits from Linux and then I get back to Windows and then I can happily run ./configure

== Linphone ==

/c/git/linphone.git          -- raw checkout, do not touch :)
/c/git/linphone-master-BUILD -- here lie dragons and Automake's mess
/c/git/Linphone.install      -- install target
/c/git/bcg729.git            -- git checkout, build and install
                                I just copy things over anyway.

l-m-B$ ./configure --disable-x11 --enable-gtk_ui=no --enable-notify=no --disable-video --enable-relativeprefix --prefix=/c/git/Linphone.install
l-m-B$ make
l-m-B$ make install

Runs and installs a nice set of files into the install dir:


Linphone runs just great, I can talk to it via linphonecsh, and that's great :)

I'll then collect all the stuff from C:\dev\alles that linphoned.exe wants to open (intl.dll, zlib.dll, that kind of stuff), remove unneeded stuff (include, lib), etc. into C:\git\Linphone. So that will be a directory that'll only contain a very stripped down version of Linphone.

== BCG729 ==

So then I go on and build bcg729, using the Linphone.install directory as CFLAGS and LDFLAGS etc. sources.

bcg729.git$ ./configure ORTP_CFLAGS="-Ic:/git/Linphone.install/include" ORTP_LIBS="-Lc:/git/Linphone.install/lib" MEDIASTREAMER_CFLAGS="-Ic:/git/Linphone.install/include" MEDIASTREAMER_LIBS="-
Lc:/git/Linphone.install/lib" --disable-static
bcg729.git$ make

Will simply skip the msbcg729 subdir, even though ORTP and MEDIASTREAMER report yes during ./configure.

Here's the output:


== Released versions ==

Linphone 3.5.2 with BCG729 1.0 (with my previously submitted patches) builds properly. My guess is that BCG729 (or, MS-BCG729) gets confused about the newly split MediaStreamer libs. I'm not good enough at Automake and C to figure out what to change to make it build though.

I think that's all I can come up with.

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