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[Linphone-developers] Always Missing 603 Decline Response under 3G Netwo

From: Ludy Lu
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Always Missing 603 Decline Response under 3G Network on Samaung GT-i8530
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 10:23:47 +0800

Hi all,

I found a weird situation when testing linphone on Samsung GT-i8530.
Under 3G network, linphone always cannot received 603 Decline response after the other side has rejected the  call. (But other call scenarios are normal.)
However, under wifi network, everything is just fine.

Test Environment
Samsung GT-i8530
- Android Version: 2.3.6
- Core Version:

Test Result
1. The other side kept re-sending 603 Decline until reaching time-out
2. linphone on Samsung GT-i8530 kept waiting SIP response until reaching time-out
3. No error log appeared from linphone on Samsung GT-i8530
4. 603 Decline did send to linphone on Samsung GT-i8530 which can be proved by the captured network packages from SIP server.

Please give me some hints to resolve this issue.

Many Thanks.
Kind Regards,
Ludy C.Y.

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