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[Linphone-developers] I tried to make linphone echo cancellation work wi

From: Wei Li
Subject: [Linphone-developers] I tried to make linphone echo cancellation work with asus google Nexus 7 but experienced some problems.
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2013 19:51:14 +0000

Hello, Dear all developers



I tried to make linphone echo cancellation work with asus google Nexus 7 but experienced some problems.



I only added the following line "new BuiltInEchoCancellerModel("asus", "Nexus 7"),   " in "/linphone-android/submodules/linphone/mediastreamer2/java/src/org/linphone/mediastream/video/capture/hwconf/"


private static BuiltInEchoCancellerModel[] mBuiltInEchoCancellerModels = new BuiltInEchoCancellerModel[] {

        new BuiltInEchoCancellerModel("samsung", "GT-I9100"),    // Samsung Galaxy SII

        new BuiltInEchoCancellerModel("samsung", "GT-I9300"),    // Samsung Galaxy SIII

        new BuiltInEchoCancellerModel("asus", "Nexus 7"),  



As the result,  software echo cancellation calibration is turned off because linphone prorgrams detects hardware echo canceller of Asus Nexus 7

However, I still heard various echo  in my test.  I believe for some reason hardware echo canceller in Asus Nexus 7 doesn't work.


I end up with no software and no hardware echo cancellation.  My questions are


-Do I need another change in somewhere of


-What are following souce code do with echo cancellation in


-Does linphone only support  few specific devices?



   // HTC

    private static final boolean isADR6400() {

        return Build.MODEL.startsWith("ADR6400") || Build.DEVICE.startsWith("ADR6400");

    } // HTC Thunderbolt


    // Galaxy S variants

    private static final boolean isSPHD700() {return Build.DEVICE.startsWith("SPH-D700");} // Epic

    private static boolean isSGHI896() {return Build.DEVICE.startsWith("SGH-I896");} // Captivate

    private static boolean isGT9000() {return Build.DEVICE.startsWith("GT-I9000");} // Galaxy S

    private static boolean isSC02B() {return Build.DEVICE.startsWith("SC-02B");} // Docomo

    private static boolean isGTP1000() {return Build.DEVICE.startsWith("GT-P1000");} // Tab


    // LG with two cameras

    private static final boolean isLGP970() {return Build.DEVICE.startsWith("LG-P970");}



Any suggestions and solutions? Thank you in advance for your attention


Happy coding.



Wei Li
Software Engineer
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