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[Linphone-developers] iPhone can't receive calls issue after ~20 minutes

From: David Mayer
Subject: [Linphone-developers] iPhone can't receive calls issue after ~20 minutes
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 08:43:38 +0800

Hi all,

I originally sent this to the users email list, but it appears to be rather 
"quiet", so I thought I'd try here too.

I have been doing some testing using the latest iPhone app from the app store.

The test is described below. All tests done using wifi always on.

1) Open the app and the app connects to a SIP server.
2) Ensure everything is working by making a call from a second client attached 
to the same SIP server. The linphone app rings as expected with call 
establishment working.
3) End the call
4) send the app to the background.  I do this by pressing the "home button" and 
then turn the screen off.
5) wait 20 minutes
6) attempt the same call described in part 2. This time the iPhone does not 
7) turning the phone screen back on and try a call again, still does not ring.
8) bring the app to the foreground and try the call again, this time it works.

Obviously, this issue is a pretty big show stopped in terms of using linphone 
as a serious SIP app.

I have tried this  with two different SIP servers and it yields the same 
results. This leads me to believe this is either an app setting issue or a bug 
with linphone.

Can anyone advise me on this issue? Android version of the app appears to be ok.

Any help greatly appreciated…even if it is just a work around.



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