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[Linphone-developers] TLS and SRTP setup

From: Nathan Stratton
Subject: [Linphone-developers] TLS and SRTP setup
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 11:48:39 -0500

I have been trying to get TLS and SRTP working with Linphone on Linux for a while, but keep running into cert problems. When I look at eXtl_dtls.c I see the following.
#define PASSWORD "password"
#define CLIENT_KEYFILE "ckey.pem"
#define CLIENT_CERTFILE "c.pem"
#define SERVER_KEYFILE "skey.pem"
#define SERVER_CERTFILE "s.pem"
#define CA_LIST "cacert.pem"
#define RANDOM  "random.pem"
#define DHFILE "dh1024.pem"
Is "password" my clear text password for the key? What if I don't have a password? I have a ckey.pem, c.pem, skey.pem, and s.pem as well as a cacert.pem from ca-certs.crt that was converted to .pem format. I am not sure what random.pem is for or how to generate it, and dh1024.pem is there. However I get:

linphone-message : TLS server method
linphone-error : Cannot load certificates from Microsoft Certificate Store
linphone-error : eXosip: Couldn't read CA list
linphone-message : eXosip: Trusted CA folder : '/etc/ssl/certs'
linphone-error : Cannot load certificates from Microsoft Certificate Store

Not sure why it is not reading the cacert.pem it is in /etc/ssl/certs and it is in the correct pem format.

Is there anyway to turn up debugging so I can see more of what eXosip is doing rather then just error?

Nathan Stratton
nathan at

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