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Re: [Linphone-developers] [Patch] Patch for linphone-android about insta

From: Jehan Monnier
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] [Patch] Patch for linphone-android about instant messaging
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2012 11:29:38 +0200

Hi list,

The core Linphone team is also working on adding the chat functionality to Linphone for both IOS and Android. It will be part of a major mobile release with new GUI.
Target date is September.

Best regards

Le 16 juil. 2012 à 11:17, Samuel Ben Hamou a écrit :


Thierry Simonnet and I are currently working on the research projects
listed in the previous mail.
From time to time we are also encouraging students to work with us on
some particular aspects by providing them some project subjects to get
some practical experience. So this is what has been done here and what
the 3 students have done during the past few weeks.
Nevertheless we are still working on the base projects ourselves and
thus will definitely be looking at least at an iOS port in the short
future as we need such a functionnality.



Hi guys,

Félicitations ;) I guess your project is done and you won't contribute to it anymore, do you know if someone else is planning to do those modifications for iPhone and desktop versions ? Or do you intend to work on that for a next year project ?



Edouard Duliege

Le 12 juil. 2012 à 09:12, The Huy PHAN<address@hidden>   a écrit :

>   Hello,
>   We are 3rd year students at ESIEE Paris, an Engineering school.
>   For a research project, we did an extension for Linphone that adds the possibility to send and receive instant messages on Android smartphones.
>   This feature was asked by our teacher Mr Thierry SIMONNET(address@hidden), to enhance current research projects, an electronic butler : ARHOME and vAssist (
>   This project was started by a group of 3rd year students who did the sending part last year : Sébastien DUFAŸ, Thibault JACQUEMIN, Michel KOT, Mathieu MARLEIX and Vianney MAYNADIER.
>   This year, we did the receiving part, using the Shankaa Corp library, developed by Shankaa Corp and by Jacques Feldmar, Dennys GRENIER and Gérard CHOLLET from ENST.
>   We added a new tab in the interface, called IM which creates a chat room.
>   For the reception, we used the Shankaa library which is composed of two interfaces that allow to broadcast and receive Intents.
>   When in call, we implemented notifications. These will appear when receiving a message during an audio or video call.
>   We also slightly modified and moved the AndroidTutorialNotifier to the src folder to use it to display messages.
>   You can find the patches and the newly created files attached or here :
>   Sincerely,
>   The Huy PHAN, Aubin LA and Arnaud LAYE
> <>
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