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[Linphone-developers] trailing spaces in soundcard name on Windows with

From: mmomtchev.ext
Subject: [Linphone-developers] trailing spaces in soundcard name on Windows with linphone 3.5.x
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 16:04:22 +0200


        There seem to be a problem with sound card names ending with a space in
linphonec on Windows. When manually selecting such a sound card via
"soundcard use" the trailing spaces are preserved and the card is
selected. However the configuration file parser strips them down and the
sound card is reset to the default one on each startup (ortp-warning-no
card with id ...).
        The GUI version is somehow not affected by this issue? Maybe these
trailing spaces are stripped somewhere but I can't find the code.
        It seems also that the ALSA driver does this in alsa_card_new().

        Am I missing something? Any ideas why the GUI is not affected?

        Here is the -d6 output of linphonec

ortp-message-Mediastreamer2 2.8.0 (git: ) starting.
ortp-message-Registering all soundcard handlers
ortp-message-Card 'WINSND: SigmaTel Audio' added
ortp-message-Card 'WINSND: USB  AUDIO  ' added
ortp-message-Registering all webcam handlers
ortp-error-Fail to create class enumerator.
ortp-message-Webcam StaticImage: Static picture added
ortp-message-Loading plugins
ortp-message-no plugin (*.dll) found in ./lib/mediastreamer/plugins
ortp-message-srtp init
WARNING: no real random source present!
ortp-message-ms_init() done
ortp-warning-Failed to bind one local socket 10501!
ortp-warning-Failed to bind one local socket 10502!
ortp-warning-Failed to bind one local socket 10503!
ortp-warning-Failed to bind one local socket 10504!
ortp-message-no plugin (*.dll) found in ./lib/liblinphone/plugins\*.dll.
ortp-warning-no card with id WINSND: USB  AUDIO
ortp-warning-no card with id WINSND: USB  AUDIO
ortp-warning-./share/sounds/linphone/rings/oldphone.wav does not exist
ortp-message-linphone_core_set_playback_gain_db(): no active call.
ortp-message-Adding new codec L16/44100 with fmtp

Momtchil Momtchev <address@hidden>
Etrali (Orange Business Services Trading Solutions)


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