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[Linphone-developers] Video on Galaxy Note

From: Marco Bertini
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Video on Galaxy Note
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 13:52:20 +0200

I've been able to use video (H.264) on Galaxy Tab 10.1 (disabling the check for 
NEON capable processors), but I'm currently unable to send video from Galaxy 

I can receive it (either from Linphone running on Galaxy Tab and on Linux PC), 
but on the other device (i.e. on Galaxy Tab or PC) I get just a green screen.
I'm experiencing the green screen also with VP8 and MPEG-4. I've noticed that 
this type of green screen is typical with problem with MPEG-style compression, 
but I'm really unable to understand why this happens. I'm using the same APK on 
Galaxy Tab and on Note.

Is there anybody who was able to have video work on Galaxy Note (i.e. 
bi-directional video connection) ? How did you do this ? 
If not, do you have any suggestions on what to check (e.g. compiler flags for 
the Galaxy Note CPU to optimze the compilation of x264 and ffmpeg libraries).

Marco Bertini

Marco Bertini, Ph.D.
Università di Firenze - MICC

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