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[Linphone-developers] bcg729 a new G729 implementation for Linphone

From: Jehan Monnier
Subject: [Linphone-developers] bcg729 a new G729 implementation for Linphone
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 14:18:53 +0100

Dear list,

Belledonne communications the company backing Linphone is pleased to introduce a completely new implementation of the ITU G729 Annex A speech codec.

Written in C 99 it can be executed on many platforms, including both ARM and x86 with very decent performances. libbcg729 supports concurrent channel encoding/decoding for multi-call applications such as conferencing. This project was initially developed as part of Mediastreamer2, the Linphone's media processing engine, so it contains the glue to be integrated into Linphone/Mediastreamer2.
We decided to start this new implementation because today there is no free implementation of g729 for ARM processor.
As for other Linphone components bcg729 is licensed under GPLv2, alternative license can be aquired from Belledonne-communications.

Source code is available from the Linphone download page.


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