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Re: [Linphone-developers] osip unknown revision in Android checkout

From: Ahmed Refaey
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] osip unknown revision in Android checkout
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:34:43 +0200

Dear Sylvain

Thanks for your fast support, I tried git submodule sync then git submodule update, it synced then tried to fetch but finally ended with this

fatal: reference is not a tree: 37d363d04e8b9300a526dde4f3b331ec8dbbd079
Unable to checkout '37d363d04e8b9300a526dde4f3b331ec8dbbd079' in submodule path 'submodules/externals/osip'
The interesting thing now is the submodule/external/osip is not empty anymore and was fetched
I tried to configure using ./ but it failed with 

./ 16: ./ not found
SILK audio plugin prepare state failed.
any advices?

Ahmed El-Refaey

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