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[Linphone-developers] Mediastreamer constantly deleting and creating thr

From: Steve Strobel
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Mediastreamer constantly deleting and creating threads?
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 16:18:57 -0700

I am porting a working program that uses mediastreamer to Qt under
Windows.  I noticed that when it runs, the debugger shows that threads
are being constantly created and destroyed (a few times each second).
The total number of threads does not grow after startup, but the
"Thread IDs" shown in the debugger do;  most of them stay the same but
the ID of the last thread or two keeps growing.

I might have decided that it was harmless, except that it also seems
to leak memory (per the Windows Task Manager's display of the memory
used by the program).  Commenting out the two lines indicated below
stops both the changing thread IDs and the continuously increasing
memory usage (and almost surely keeps it from working - I am not far
enough through the port to test that yet).  They get executed only
once on startup.  I can dig around in mediastreamer, but I thought I
would first ask to see if there was a known fix.

I built mediastreamer using MinGW and source code from Linphone 3.4.3
(with a few modifications).

  ms_ticker_attach(voip_clock_,stream_mixer_);          // THIS LINE
  // Hook the radio to soundcard channel one.
  input_one->addStream(radio->getMediaStream());    // THIS LINE

Any suggestions would be great.


Steve Strobel
Link Communications, Inc.
1035 Cerise Rd
Billings, MT 59101-7378
(406) 245-5002 ext 102
(406) 245-4889 (fax)

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