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[Linphone-developers] updated German translation for linphone 3.4.99

From: Gerhard Stengel
Subject: [Linphone-developers] updated German translation for linphone 3.4.99
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 00:04:15 +0100
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I updated linphone's German translations based on today's git revision.
(I ran make update-po, that's why there are so many changed line numbers in 
the diffs)

Please find attached the patches for linphone and mediastreamer.

I have some remarks regarding the "recent calls" tab, though.
1) The label text of the button "call back" is a bit strange to me because I 
think it's only appropriate to (missed) incoming calls, but how should I call 
_back_ a previous outgoing call? I think just "Call" would be better.
2) Minutes, seconds and Quality are not translatable. This would be important 
to give a more polished impression to this tab.
3) Sometimes I see "Quality: -nan" What is this? Not a number? In this case, 
there should be an "n/a", too.

During a conference, the text "Me" should be bold, too, and have the same 
indentation as the other callee's names in the conference.

Otherwise, the new GUI looks very nice. I like it, well done!

best regards


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