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[Linphone-developers] Are there two sets of source code for Linphone-And

From: ChiMing Chin
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Are there two sets of source code for Linphone-Android?
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 09:55:57 +0800

I downloaded the source code and compiled the project,all is good. Two mobiles or a mobile and a PC communicated each other well using this application. Yesterday I got a pad, I installed the apk which was generated from the source code. The communication is OK except the video , The remote video was good,but the local video was gong.  I installed the apk which download from the website . this time everything is OK. I tried to found out the reason but failed. I thought the error maybe caused by the native code,so I decompressed the apk which was download from website and put the libs into the source code project. I installed again,this time the application can't run with the error "unimplement function : nativeHasNeon". then I checked the source code, i found that the nativeHasNeon has been implemented in "msandroid.cpp", the function name was Java_org_linphone_mediastream_Version_nativeHasNeon.How did the error hapen? and  i checked the libs use the command "nm -D |grep HasNeon" , the result was "00038c51 T Java_org_linphone_core_Version_nativeHasNeon", what a interesting thing!
I decompiled the apk , there are more differences between the source code and the apk: the class with same name was put in differnet package and some of them was implemented with different ways,some classes had been replaced with new classes .

Are there two sets of source code for Linphone-Android?
BTW: I used the version of 1.2.0 both the apk and the sourc code.

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