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[Linphone-developers] a few questions

From: Maksim Timofejev
Subject: [Linphone-developers] a few questions
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 00:29:35 +0400

It has been tested on Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Tab.

  1. Linphone doesn’t operate with screen being switched off. Which means, that incoming call will be received only if the phone’s screen is forcibly switched on (e.g. the menu button or the power button is being pushed)

  2. You cannot answer the call if the keyboard is being locked, e.g. during the PIN code is being requested. First you have to enter the code and only then you can answer your call.

  3. If the mode is being changed (from portrait to landscape mode) at first the picture is getting hanged, though the sound is still there, you cannot drop off the call. The only option is to end the application through the task manager.

  4. The image is transmitted in wrong mode i.e. I can see myself correctly in the portrait mode but my companion (converser) is being shown in a landscape mode (on his side). It’s not logical and not really practical.

One of the required improvements:

  1. Add the ability to call Linphone the built-in dial up function (by analogy with sipdroid, bria, csipsimple and others).

  2. Combine the call history with a standard call history (same as sipdroid, csipsimple).

  3. Add the video support in iPhone.

  4. Add the possibility to set codec dependently of the connection type (EDGE, 3G, WiFi)

  5. Add the sip messages.


Maksim Timofejev

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