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[Linphone-developers] problem compiling openssl headers in linphone-IPHO

From: Barbieri Davide
Subject: [Linphone-developers] problem compiling openssl headers in linphone-IPHONE, snow leopard, Xcode 4, SDK 4.3
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 15:00:59 +0200

Hi all,

 i'm trying to build Linphone for iPhone (downloaded with GIT CLI command, not 
GUI, and it seems complete) but i'm having errors since 2 days ago :( when i 
compile the framework libraries with "make all" command.
I work on snow leopard with Xcode 4 and SDK 4.3.
I exactly followed instructions in the README file with no success.

In detail, compilation always stops during build of ZrtpDH.cpp because it 
doesn't find all the openssl headers (<openssl/bio.h> etc.). I copied all these 
headers also in libzrtpcpp/crypto/openssl but nothing has changed.
i'm trying also to declare them with "..." , so the compiler should look into 
the local directory, but the result was the same...

Maybe do I have to change the CMakeLists.txt somewhere??

I tried also in a different way as explained here -->  . 
I can build liblinphone (obtaining liblinphone.a) but the main project can't 
because libmediastreamer is missing in mediastreamer/plugins... Why does it not 
compile previously??

Finally I applied a small trick suggested here -->   but during the "make" phase the error is 
the same.
I really appreciate an advice to succeed after hours and hours of trials..



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