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[Linphone-developers] Save audio in real time

From: luca cerri
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Save audio in real time
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 11:54:34 +0200
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Hi to! I'm new to this mailing list, i'm a young c programmer and i'm trying to 
accomplish this task: save audio of conversation in real time. In the first 
step i'll will accomplish this task under windows. I figured out that there is 
a filter that take the audio and save it to file, named msfile_rec.c. Digging a 
while i find that winsnd3.c is the file that handle the filters for sound cards 
in windows. Both are located under mediastreamer2/src.

What i'm thinking to do is to merge filters to accomplish my task. (I attached 
my modified file)

With this file i compile well, but when i run linphonec i got this:

c:\linphone\bin>linphonec.exe -V
init winsndcard_init
init winsndcard_init
linphonec> ortp-error-Could not retrieve DDDisplay from window !
Registration on successful.
linphonec> Registration on successful.
linphonec> call address@hidden
Establishing call id to <sip:address@hidden>, assigned id 1
linphonec> Contacting <sip:address@hidden>
linphonec> Call 1 to <sip:address@hidden> in progress.
Call 1 with <sip:address@hidden> connected.
Call answered by <sip:address@hidden>.
linphonec> init call
call inizialized
Speakers (Conexant CX20671 Smarcreating filter
init call
call inizialized
filter created, return
ortp-error-Failed to prepare windows sound device. (waveInOpen:0x32)
ortp-error-Failed to prepare windows sound device. (waveInOpen:0x32)
start rec_close
start write_wav_header
end rec_close
start rec_open
end rec_open
start rec_start
end rec_start
ortp-error-Failed to open windows sound device 1280. (waveOutOpen:0x32)
ortp-error-Failed to open windows sound device 1280. (waveOutOpen:0x32)
Media streams established with <sip:address@hidden> for call 1.

And then linphonne crash. I'm sure i made some error in the merge process. 
Someone can help me?

Thanks in advice!


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