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[Linphone-developers] oRTP - only one of two sessions receiving data...

From: John Pallister
Subject: [Linphone-developers] oRTP - only one of two sessions receiving data...
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 01:04:00 +0100

Hello list,

I'm really hoping someone can suggest something helpful for me here...

My application runs on Windows XP SP3 over an intranet. No DNS, no
DHCP, no routing, very simple. It uses oRTP for simple point-to-point
routing of G.729-encoded audio; no RTCP, SIP etc. It is compiled with
Visual C++ 2008.

The scenario: a "router" process sends two simultaneous copies of an
RTP stream (received from another process elsewhere on the network) to
two separate oRTP sessions in two threads of a client process, to be
played out of two different audio devices. The RTP stream copies have
different source and destination ports (but are otherwise identical);
the destination ports correspond to those of the oRTP sessions.

The problem: I expect to receive both stream copies, however either
zero, one or two will be received by my application code from oRTP. I
can determine no pattern to how many copies will "work". Multiple
single streams (i.e. not duplicate streams sent simultaneously) are
received correctly and reliably.

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of situation (or
anything vaguely similar), on Windows or otherwise? Am I being naïve
in expecting this to work? Does my router need to do something to the
stream copies to enable them to be reliably differentiated and
received correctly?

Thanks very much,

John :^P
John Pallister

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