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RE: [Linphone-developers] linphone blackberry error 523 on device

From: Antonio Grillo
Subject: RE: [Linphone-developers] linphone blackberry error 523 on device
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2011 16:30:16 +0200
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Hi Aleksei,

I tried to implement the patch that you suggested for avoiding the 523 App Error on blackberry.

Unfortunately such patch does not work for me:

1) I've encapsulated the send method in a thread [Class]

Thread l1TmpThread = new Thread(new Runnable(){
            public void run() {
                mSendStream=new SendStream(mSession);

2) I've set a 30 ms sleep time when an RTPException occurs [Class]
try {
         mSession.sendPacket(packet, mTs);
} catch (RtpException e) {

3) I've disabled all the log features [Class]
public void log(int level, String msg, Throwable e){
    //No Operations

maybe I'm forgotting something??

Thanks in advance for your attentions


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