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[Linphone-developers] UDP background calls on iOS 4.3+

From: Rene Dohmen
Subject: [Linphone-developers] UDP background calls on iOS 4.3+
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 11:39:22 +0200


i'm still wondering if the new linphone iphone app will support  background UDP again with iOS 4.3+

Are you gonna wait until apple fixes their (??) problem?

I used linphone git version to build a rebranded app for the dutch market, and so far I love the project and it's code. I now have an unreleasable app due to the UDP background support not working anymore in iOS 4.3. The only answer i got from you guys, so far, is that theoretically nobody uses UDP voip and that you don't think it's a priority; Still nobody in NL with an voip account can use your app, other people on the list report the same problem. So I think it's a rather practical one. 

I know that there is no real support on GPL apps, but i would like to know if the problem will be addressed or not. 

I'm absolutely willing to do some extra  coding myself, but the whole network programming stuff, especially on iphone, is new to me. If I can help with anything at all let me know. If you want a NL SIP account to see that TCP won't work just ask. 

Kind Regards,

Rene Dohmen

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