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[Linphone-developers] BlackBerry install

From: Vojimir Raovic
Subject: [Linphone-developers] BlackBerry install
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 11:35:48 +0800

I've tried to install linphone on BlackBerry 9780 mobile from the link bellow. It didn't work, when download link is pressed a text file appear:
RIM-COD-SHA1-4: 5c 62 6b a0 ba f2 2f 66 1f db f6 b5 4f b1 b8 b1 ab 5e d1 e5
RIM-COD-SHA1-3: d0 28 24 9b 91 02 7a b9 e7 48 8d 33 ea 84 0b 29 b5 aa c5 27
RIM-COD-SHA1-2: 50 69 91 50 5c bf c5 de 48 17 44 e7 5e a3 be c0 7c d2 b6 e2
RIM-COD-SHA1-1: dd 79 c3 82 c6 93 0a 4e 59 ff 09 24 a8 48 8e 81 f4 6a 8d bb
RIM-COD-URL-10: jlinphone-10.cod
What is problem!? Thank you for your help.
Click download  from your Blackberry mobile phone to get it installed .

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