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[Linphone-developers] Different addresses for registration and SDP negot

From: Pedro Sanchez
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Different addresses for registration and SDP negotiation, why?
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 08:52:53 -0500
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I'm running linphonec on a device that has as single Ethernet interface but that usually has two IP addresses assigned: IP1 which is assigned via DHCP and an alias (eth0:1), say IP2, which is a non-routable address used for local connections only, when needed.

For the most part everything works well. Linphone uses IP1 for registration and SDP negotiation (Connection Information, c=...). But once in a while it happens that linphone uses IP2 in the SDP, even though the SIP negotiation is using IP1. Once Linphone gets into this state it stays there forever and has to be restarted.

Can you suggest a reason why this would happen? Can I do something, probably via the configuration file, to prevent linphone from ever using IP2?

This is currently happening with linphone 3.3.2. I am planning on moving to 3.4.0 soon and I wonder if you are aware of this problem having been addressed in this new release?

Thanks for you advise.


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