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Re: [Linphone-developers] lots of bugs resolution and multicalls improve

From: Aurelien Bouin
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] lots of bugs resolution and multicalls improvements
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 11:49:37 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Maxim,

De: Maxim Podbereznyy <address@hidden>
Objet: Re: [Linphone-developers] lots of bugs resolution and multicalls 
À: address@hidden
Date: Mercredi 26 janvier 2011, 11h34

Hi guys!

I'm really concerned about this problem. As far as I understand:
1) two linphones are on call
2) one chooses to hold (pause), second hears music (for example)
3) now second wants to make another call, so he puts the first call on hold 
(pause) and makes another call

4) the first side takes off the hold and wants to continue the call but the 
second side chose to hold their call.

if you implement to unhold both of sides then what to do with a second side 
which is on call with a third side? Interrupt their call? No, this is wrong

So, what behavior is expected for both of them? I suggest the following: if 
both sides are on hold and one side unpauses a call then this side begins to 
listen to music. if the second side unpauses a call either then both sides 
continue to talk.

YES, it is what I implemented in adding the states :
LinphoneCallPausedByRemote, /**<The call is paused by remote end*/
LinphoneCallResumedByRemote, /**<The call is resumed*/
LinphoneCallPausingAndPausedByRemote, /**< The call is pausing locally and 
paused by remote*/
        LinphoneCallPausedAndPausedByRemote, /**< The call is paused locally 
and paused by remote*/
        LinphoneCallResumingAndPausedByRemote /**<The call is being resumed by 
local end and still paused by remote*/



2011/1/26 Aurelien Bouin <address@hidden>

Hi Simon

> De: Simon Morlat <address@hidden>

> Objet: Re: [Linphone-developers] lots of bugs resolution and multicalls 
> improvements

> À: address@hidden

> Cc: "Aurelien Bouin" <address@hidden>

> Date: Mardi 25 janvier 2011, 21h35

> Hi Aurélien,


> Thanks for the patches, it took some time to review them.

Yeah I guess it's quite a lot of work while you are probably very busy ... 
sorry for that . . .

> I merged the one concerning mediastreamer2, however I feel

> more

> unconvinced by the one in liblinphone, especially with the

> multiple new

> LinphoneCallState that it introduces.


> It leads to big complexity, I hope there is a more simpler

> way to solve

> the problem you were attempting to solve. Could you

> describe a

> bit more the actual problems you were facing ?

Yes you are right it's really too complicate too handle multicalls with this 
kind of implementation...

The problem is easy to be reproduced between two Linphone... :

Call each other

The streaming should be running

Execute a pause in one side

Execute a pause on the other side

Here it should be OK each one is in Pause status

But when one ff them Resume the call the call will restart while the other is 
still in Pause...which is a problem... The new states help to handle those 
cases...but it's really complex to implement...

Give it a try whenever you have the time, if you have a better implementation I 
would appreciate it...


> Concerning the ability to start several calls on hold, I'm

> ok with that.

> However the terminology in liblinphone is "paused" to refer

> to putting a

> call on hold, so I would suggest the new parameter in

> LinphoneCallParams

> would use the same terminology.

> Also, I think there is no reason to modify the sal_call()

> prototype,

> since the nature of the call (paused or not) is only the

> SalMediaDescription describing the offer, that would

> contain send-only

> streams instead of sendrecv ones.

No problem I will change hold by pause when I will have the time though...


> Best regards,


> Simon


Thank you Simon for your precious time, do not hesitate to ask anything ...


Aurélien BOUIN



> Le mercredi 19 janvier 2011 à 10:11 +0000, Aurelien Bouin

> a écrit :

> > Hi all,

> > I have not been able to work on linphone for such a

> lot of time, but we have seen some problems since multiple

> calls are implemented...

> > Here is a non exhausting list of features implemented

> in the attached patchs :

> > ->resolve problem of bipartite hold on/off, some

> states have been added, but makes the callbacks hard to be

> understood ...

> > ->instability into thread joined into msv4l2 and

> msthread

> > ->being able to do multiples calls with the

> possibility of doing them hold on...

> > ->being able to receive DTMF from any call

> process...

> > ->sal_media_description_has_dir seems to not being

> functional like it was

> > ->improvements with the plugins use under windows

> >

> > I hope that you will have the time to consider those

> changes, do not hesitate to ask ...

> > Thank you for your time spent to work on that ...

> >

> > Aurélien BOUIN

> >

> >

> >       

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