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[Linphone-developers] About Memory Leak because of osip_transaction_free

From: 远方
Subject: [Linphone-developers] About Memory Leak because of osip_transaction_free()
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2011 10:17:05 +0800

Hello,everyone!I saw many people talked about memory leak because of osip_transaction_free() before ,but nodody offered a complete solution on this problem.
Aymeric MOIZARD have said: 
You cannot call osip_transaction_free INSIDE cb_kill_transaction.
You  must call it right after the complete execution of the event
list. (the *_execute methods)
In case you call osip_transaction_free within the callback, if there
is 2 events in the transaction queue, the program wil crash. Such
behavior will rarely happen in common situation, but will often happen
under heavy load or for a server based on osip.
I did as Aymeric MOIZARD have said ,but my program crash because of a segment fault occured.Here is my code
while (1) {
 // in osip_release_terminated_transactions,i called osip_transation_free and encountered a seg-fault
Thank you for your any help!

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